Construction and Construction Contract Law

Our expertise

A building approval procedure without problems, a construction phase without surprises and delays, completion and handover without flaws - a dream! Unfortunately, the reality is quite different. Due to our many years of experience in representing principals as well as contractors we know which problems may arise but also which options are open to both sides. Our special experience and good network with recognized surveyors will help you at every stage of the project.

Our services

  • Consultation and representation in all permit approval procedures
  • Drafting and negotiation of all contracts relevant to the construction process
  • Architects contracts
  • Construction partner contracts
  • Construction supervision contracts
  • Construction work contracts
  • Enforcement of or defence against claims with respect to construction delay, construction defects (warranty and damages), construction billing / cost overruns
  • Perpetuation of evidence
  • Construction process litigation

Our experts on Construction and Construction Contract Law